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Content and professional resources every influencer needs to run a thriving business.

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Required Reading

Weekly guides and resources for building, running, and growing your influencer business

Cheat Sheets

Visual summary cheat sheet covering each of Trove’s weekly topics for the visual learner

Community Questions

Questions posed by the community and answered by Trove each week


Weekly editorial featuring stories and experiences from the community

Trove Partners

Library of professional resources and services recommended by Trove to make your life as an entrepreneur easier


Premium content and features for taking your influencer business to a new level.

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All Essential features and…

Office Hours

A weekly live webinar led by our CEO Rich Scudellari for the explicit purpose of answering all of your questions

Brand Insights

In-depth interviews with brands and retailers who share their experiences and perspectives on working with influencers

Beyond the Basics

Go beyond the basics covered in Required Reading and take a deeper look into the weekly topics

Weekly Topic Checklists

Streamlined reference guides for all weekly topics covered by Trove to keep you organized and ensure you don’t miss a step

Exclusive Content

Deep dives into important topics that will drive efficiency in your business and sanity in your work-life balance

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