Partnerships: Basics

The Life Cycle Of A Partnership

1. Lead Up
2. The Ask
3. Negotiation
4. Finalizing the Details
5. Creating the Content
6. Posting
7. Wrap Up / Reporting / Getting Paid
8. Repromotion
9. The Next One
10. Conclusion

Working on partnerships is really exciting, and creatively inspiring. You get to help a brand craft a unique narrative for their product, and share a great product with your audience (make sure it’s a good fit though!). As you’re building up excitement for a new partnership, make sure you’re thinking through the entire life cycle of a partnership, as that will make sure you’re factoring in all considerations. Putting together a really complete, effective partnership will hopefully land you new business in the future. Prepared, thorough, professional influencers get repeat business, which is always easier than landing a new client!

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