Influencer Marketing Done Right

Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 6, Buyer Beware

1. Not Professionals
2. Broken Promises
3. The Blame Game
4. Conclusion

Everyone has a story about a bad experience with influencer marketing. It’s not a widely understood marketing solution at this point and it’s natural that the bad stories carry farther than the good ones. (Though we’re working to change that!) There will always be a few bad apples in any bunch, but often the anger and resentment directed at influencers is misguided. There is an ecosystem that has grown around influencers in an effort to try and capture the dollars being spent on them by brands. Influencer marketing is young, and it is still very much the Wild West out there. Many of the actors do not really know what they are doing, or are not behaving in good faith. Again, we’re working to change that. In the meantime, it’s best if you as a brand know how to approach influencer marketing from an informed and intentional place, to make sure that your experiences with influencer marketing are good ones.

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