Guide: Offers, Negotiations, Onboarding
You interviewed—what’s next?
Podcast Recap: The Importance of Onboarding
We sit down with HR expert Caitlin Wilterdink to discuss how to onboard properly.
Overview: Offers, Negotiations, & Onboarding
I interviewed everybody, now what?
How Do You Decide Who To Hire?
You’re really going to choose someone now.
5 Hiring Process Red Flags To Watch Out For
Know them when you see them.
How To Extend An Offer To Your Chosen Candidate
Aka “The Fun Part.”
How To Negotiate An Offer With A New Hire
There are basic principles you can master here.
Do You Need An Employment Contract?
Technically no, but...
What’s In An Employment Contract?
The key components of employee contracts, and why they help your business.
What Do Job Titles Really Mean, And How Do You Pick The Right One?
So what do you actually call them?
How To Compensate People
Aligning incentives with different compensation methods.
What Are Trial Employment Periods?
They’re becoming more common, and you should consider them.
What Is Onboarding?
It’s an irreplaceable part of the hiring process, but what is it really ?
Pre-Onboarding Communications With New Hires
What to do before day one.
How To Onboard New Hires
What does this vital part of the process actually entail?
What Are Non-Competes?
When your own employees could potentially compete with you.