Guide: Copyrights & Brand Protection
What’s on Trove this week? We’ll dive into protecting your assets and your brand.
Podcast Recap: Copyright Law
We're covering copyright law, and the details might surprise you.
Images Are Your Most Valuable Asset (And They're The Easiest Thing To Steal)
The internet gives your photos reach—but that isn’t always a good thing?
Who Owns The Copyright To Your Images?
The image ownership basics.
What Can You Do When Your Images Are Used Improperly?
Your options in the event of copyright infringement.
Why Should You Register Your Images?
More specifically, why should you register them right now?
What Is A Trademark & Do You Need One As An Influencer?
Your Images = Copyrights. Your Brand = Trademark.
CMI: Another Way To Protect Your Images
And you’ve probably seen it before.
Cease & Desist vs. Takedown vs. Demand Letter
Options available to you.
10 Things We Learned From Copyright Lawyers
A little something from the experts.
What Is The Right to Publicity?
Did you know you have one?
What is Fair Use?
Copyright's little gray area.
What is a Model Release?
And when do you need one?
What Does “Work For Hire” Mean?
Do you work with photographers? Read this.
What Is The DMCA?
Dealing with websites that post user-generated content.
What Are Statutory Damages?