Guide: The Interview Process
Prepwork, organization, and hopefully some really good cover letters.
Podcast Recap: The Interview Process with Mary Orton
We cover all things interview with Mary Orton, co-founder of Trove and editor of
Two Things You Must Remember When Hiring
The Cliff’s Notes of this whole “hiring” thing.
Getting Started: How To Approach The Interview Process
Stay organized and pay attention to the details.
How To Organize Your Interview Process
Stick to the plan.
Why You Should Ask For a Cover Letter
Why do they want to work for you? A cover letter should make that clear.
How Do You Decide Who To Interview?
Your first pass at narrowing the field.
How To Read A Resume
Know what to look for when you’re looking through the pile.
Bad Hiring Practices To Avoid
Ghosting is never cool.
How Will Joining Your Team Benefit Your New Hire
There’s more to what you’re offering than the basics.
How To Interview Your Job Candidates
Spoiler: Prepare, prepare, prepare
What Can A Candidate’s Behavior Tell You?
A lot, actually.
Questions You Can’t Ask In An Interview
All the need-to-knows before you begin interviewing.
How To Talk To References
And why you should take these calls seriously.
How To Hire Someone Who’s An Expert On Something You’re Not
Developers, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.
Should Job Candidates Sign An NDA?
Protecting information during the interview process.