Guide: Incorporating As An Influencer
What’s on Trove this week? Your guide to our content on incorporating your business.
Podcast Recap: Why You Should Incorporate With a Veteran CPA
We discuss the benefits of incorporating your influencer business with Diana Lopez, a veteran CPA with 20 years experience.
5 Reasons To Incorporate Your Influencer Business
Incorporating protects an influencer’s business & personal assets.
Organizing An LLC: Where Do I Start?
3 steps that make things a lot less daunting.
The Costs To Consider When Incorporating as an Influencer
Amounts vary state-to-state, but don’t let these fees sneak up on you.
Why You Need A Lawyer & A Tax Pro To Incorporate
Spoiler: Lots of reasons.
Why You Need An Operating Agreement
The time for tough conversations is now.
Checklist: Registering As An LLC
To-dos once you’ve chosen an LLC as the right entity for you.
LLC, S Corp, Sole Proprietorship: What Is The Right Entity For You As An Influencer?
Hint: Taxes have a lot to do with it.
Why Did You Decide To Register Your Business? Or Not?
Share your experiences with the Trove community.
The Complete List of Secretary of State Websites
The incorporation information you need, wherever you live.
What is a C Corp?
Know the basics about this entity.
What is an S Corp?
Technically it’s not an entity, but instead an election regarding your taxes.
What is an LLC?
The simplest business structure to protect your personal assets.
What is a Sole Proprietorship?
The simplest form of doing business.
What are Articles of Organization?
Note: They are different from an Operating Agreement.
What is an Operating Agreement?
We recommend you have one of these.
What is a Registered Agent?
Hint: You need one.