Guide: How to Fire Properly
Don’t shy away from the tough stuff.
Podcast: Performance Management & Firing with Kat Cole
Kat (President & COO of Focus Brands) shares with us how to handle the tough conversations as a leader.
When Do You Need To Fire Someone?
How do you know to make this (pretty big) change?
4 Scenarios Where People Get Fired
We never want them to happen, but they do.
How To Fire Someone
The ins and outs of a tough process.
The Logistics Of Letting People Go
There’s a right way (and a very wrong way) to handle it.
Performance Management—What’s A PIP?
How to approach a team member’s less-than-amazing performance.
Talking To Your Team After Letting Someone Go
File under: open and honest communication.
Reflecting On Hires, Fires, & Your Process
Taking time to process everything you learned.
The 6 Don’ts Of Firing
Knowing the “don’ts” makes you more confident in the “dos”
How To Move Forward & Transition After Firing Someone
Before you let someone go, be ready with a plan for what happens after.
Why You Should Fire Fast
The very opposite of hire slow.
Firing When There is a Contract
What if an employee has an employment contract, and you need to fire them?
What Is A Release When Someone Gets Fired?
They’re really smart, but you probably haven’t used one before.
What Is A PIP?
Performance Improvement Plans, defined.
How To Tell Someone They’re Fired
Our approach for the actual conversation.