Podcast: Reesa Lake on the influencer industry marketing and what to do about your rates
Reesa Lake a partner at dba, a leading influencer talent agency, joins the podcast to give us an update on what is going on in the industry…
Managing Your Personal Finances During A Crisis
Having a plan for your finances has never been more important than now.
Working With Brands: How To Be A Better Partner (Installment 4 / 5)
Five influencer marketing experts, one topic: How to work with brands as an influencer.
Working With Brands: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Installment 3 / 5)
Five influencer marketing experts, one topic: How to work with brands as an influencer.
Working With Brands: Trends & Budgets (Installment 2 / 5)
Five influencer marketing experts, one topic: How to work with brands as an influencer.
Working With Brands: How to Stand Out (Installment 1 / 5)
Five influencer marketing experts, one topic: How to work with brands as an influencer.
Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 1, Define Your Goals
What do you want to get out of influencer marketing?
Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 2, How To Choose The Right Influencers
It takes much more than a scroll.
Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 3, Execute
There’s prepping and planning, and then there’s getting things done.
Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 4, Engage Influencers
Make the influencer a (huge) part of the creative process.
Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 6, Buyer Beware
Be wary of “experts” in this young industry.
Why Your Influencer Marketing Isn’t Working: Step 5, A Holistic Approach
It isn’t magic, it’s marketing.
New Product Launch: Trove Image Monitoring
Creatives have their content stolen all the time—and there is something they can do about it.
From The CEO: Why Image Monitoring?
Our CEO Rich Scudellari on Trove’s next big launch.
Chloé Watts On All Things Influencer Tech
Chloé Watts, founder of chloédigital, on why you need great tech support and the most common mistake influencers make on their blogs
Master Class: Sponsorships and Collaborations
What Every Influencer Needs To Know When It Comes To Making Money!
Podcast: Top Moments From Our First 20 Episodes
Influencer Business is the highlight of our week—and these are the highlights of Influencer Business.
Ijeoma Kola On Getting Her PhD While Building Her Business
PhD candidate and lifestyle blogger Ijeoma Kola joins Influencer Business this week to talk about balancing life as an academic and an…
How Often Should You Check Your Finances?
The best habits to form to stay on top of things.
What You Actually Need To Know About Taxes
Spoiler: Keep your accountant on speed dial.
3 Financial Management Tools Every Influencer Needs
Because you have more to do in a day than math.
What Is A Business Credit Card?
...And why is it good for influencers to have one?
Yummertime shares their perspective on being partners in business and in life
Brock Williams and Chris Lin of Yummertime share their perspective on being both a couple and business partners and how they make it work.
The Basics Of Business Finance
What do we mean when we talk about business finance?
Budgeting and Business Expenses
A simple guide to understanding what goes into your budget and what you can expense.
What Is Working Capital, And Why Should It Matter To You?
Another reason why when you get paid matters.
Invoicing & Getting Paid On Time
How you can put yourself in a strong position to get paid.
Revenue and How To Think About It
Are you being strategic when it comes to revenue?
What Is Business Cyclicality?
And why should you make preparing for it a priority.
Podcast: Negotiation: Lawyers Julie Matlof Kennedy and Danny Miller on how to be a top-notch negotiator
We sit down with lawyers Julie Matlof Kennedy & Danny Miller and dive into the theory and practice of being an effective negotiator…
Why You Need Personal Financial Goals Right Now
Getting real about what you want from your finances.
How Much Do You Need To Earn To Be A Full-Time Influencer?
It’s different for everyone.
What Is A Credit Score and Why Does It Matter, Really?
What you actually need to know.
The Basics Of Budgeting
You can do this.
What Is Finance, Actually?
The very basics, because it’s okay if you don’t know them. We’ll help.
Influencer Finances: Is It Business Or Personal?
There’s some gray area, let’s discuss.
Can I Afford To Be An Influencer Full Time?
Figuring out if you’re ready, and what “ready” means.
The Hidden Costs Of Being An Influencer Full-Time
Everything to consider when you’re considering making the leap.
5 Reasons You Need A Separate Bank Account For Your Business
Yes, you do need to keep things separate.
5 Money Mistakes Influencers Make
The most common financial missteps to correct, asap.
Podcast: Half Baked Harvest's Tieghan Gerard on The Role Of Influencers & Building A Community
Beloved food blogger and influencer Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest joins Trove for a discussion about building, connecting with and…
10 Essential Trove Articles Every Influencer Should Read
Not sure where to start? We have some ideas.
Brendan Fallis’ Advice For Multi-Hyphenate Hustlers
From a $21K salary to one of New York’s most sought after DJs and cultural influencers—and the principles that got him there.
Podcast: Brendan Fallis On The Multi-Hyphenate Hustle
Brendan Fallis shares how he built a career as a tastemaker, but still struggles to define himself.
Podcast: Krystal Bick on collaborating with other influencers
Krystal Bick joins us as we explore the unique opportunities and benefits that come alive by tapping into the creative resources around you.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 1 - Experiment
Right now, your focus is a simple one.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 2 - Develop Your Brand
Consistency & your own recognizable aesthetic.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 3 - Build A Following
Time to grow your audience.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 4 - Business Processes
Get organized for building a sustainable business.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 5 - Team Building
You can’t do everything alone.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 6 - Growth
Time to grow your business.
Becoming An Influencer: Stage 7 - What's Next?
Something new?
From The CEO: Is The Influencer Market Saturated?
There’s no such thing as “too many influencers.”
Podcast: Hilary Sloan on authenticity, diversification and why you can't fool the internet
Hilary Sloan joins us to discuss owning your content, owning your audience, and the power of platforms that feel "old" to us—but in reality…
Guide: Partner Relationship Management
Going beyond delivering good content—and how it earns you repeat business.
What Is Relationship Development & Why Does It Matter?
To get new business, get good at this.
How To Turn A Relationship Into New Business
Be kind, be vocal, and show them what you can do.
Who Are The Key Players In Partnerships?
Who is making big decisions?
How To Improve Your Visibility To Attract New Partners
You need to get noticed to land partnerships.
Repeat Business Is Easier Than New Business
Here’s why.
Maintaining Your Reputation & Credibility With Partners
Think about the things you’ll be remembered for.
Level Up Your Partnership Outreach: A Lesson From Kat Cole
Go beyond the traditional check-in email.
Podcast: Grace Atwood on how to be a good partner and why networking is essential
Grace Atwood offers her insight into cultivating partnerships, and why networking and relationships are the backbone of your business
Guide: How To Be A Better Partner
Going beyond just getting the job done.
Don’t Be An Asshole: The Value Of Being A Courteous Partner
Seriously though, courtesy counts for so much.
Why You Should Never Miss Your Deadlines
And we mean it.
The Benefits Of Good Communication During a Partnership
Everyone needs this reminder. Everyone.
The Importance Of Post-Partnership Follow Up
It matters more than you think.
How to Deal With A Demanding Partner
Preparing for this unfortunate situation is simply smart.
The Right Content Mix: Organic vs. Paid
What’s the right balance for your brand and your audience?
Troubleshooting When A Partnership Goes Wrong
Plan, don’t panic.
When & Why To Say No To Partnerships
Sometimes what’s hardest to say is also 100% the right thing to say.
Guide: Negotiating Partnerships & Contracts
Let’s literally get down to business.
Podcast: Lydia Hudgens - A Photographer AND An Influencer
Lydia shares her creative journey that has taken her from behind the lens to in front of it and how she is pushing the envelope in the plus…
Where Do Partnership Contracts Come From, And Do You Need One?
Two quick pre-partnership questions.
What’s In A Partnership Contract?
The actual basics to know before you sign a contract.
What Should Influencers Charge For Partnerships?
There’s no exact science, but there IS information you should know.
Should A Lawyer Review Your Partnership Contracts?
Spoiler: Sometimes.
What Kind Of Partnership Exclusivity Makes Sense?
And what makes sense for your earning potential?
Contract & Negotiation Red Flags
Be aware of the important stuff.
What Happens When A Partnership Contract Is Broken?
Help with gathering your thoughts and planning next steps when this happens.
Maintaining Good Relationships With Brands While Negotiating
And why this is absolutely key to repeat business.
Topic Intro: Partnerships
The influencer industry’s bread and (branded) butter.
Podcast: Influencer Evolution with Zanita Whittington - Maintaining A Business In An Evolving Landscape
Zanita sits down and talks about the evolving influencer landscape and how to grow as a creative.
Guide: What Are Partnerships?
And better yet, why do brands want to partner with influencers?
The 10 Different Ways Brands Partner with Influencers
Know your partnership types, so you know what’s possible
Partnership KPIs That Should Matter To You
The key performance indicators to keep top of mind.
The Life Cycle Of A Partnership
The roadmap to review before you partner.
The Pitfalls Of Ignoring Your Audience During Partnerships
The one thing you can’t forget in the face of opportunity.
What Do Brands Really Want From Partnerships
Get clear on goals before you begin.
What Is A Partnership & Why Do You Want One?
More than just the basics.
What Is Your Value To A Brand As A Partner?
So...why is a brand working with you?
Who Wants to Partner with Influencers and What Do They Look For?
Spoiler: Everyone.
Office Hours: Sign Up!
This week: partnerships. Where do we start?
Guide: How to Fire Properly
Don’t shy away from the tough stuff.
Podcast: Performance Management & Firing with Kat Cole
Kat (President & COO of Focus Brands) shares with us how to handle the tough conversations as a leader.
When Do You Need To Fire Someone?
How do you know to make this (pretty big) change?
4 Scenarios Where People Get Fired
We never want them to happen, but they do.
How To Fire Someone
The ins and outs of a tough process.
The Logistics Of Letting People Go
There’s a right way (and a very wrong way) to handle it.
Performance Management—What’s A PIP?
How to approach a team member’s less-than-amazing performance.
Talking To Your Team After Letting Someone Go
File under: open and honest communication.
Reflecting On Hires, Fires, & Your Process
Taking time to process everything you learned.
The 6 Don’ts Of Firing
Knowing the “don’ts” makes you more confident in the “dos”
How To Move Forward & Transition After Firing Someone
Before you let someone go, be ready with a plan for what happens after.
Why You Should Fire Fast
The very opposite of hire slow.
Firing When There is a Contract
What if an employee has an employment contract, and you need to fire them?
What Is A Release When Someone Gets Fired?
They’re really smart, but you probably haven’t used one before.
What Is A PIP?
Performance Improvement Plans, defined.
How To Tell Someone They’re Fired
Our approach for the actual conversation.
Guide: Offers, Negotiations, Onboarding
You interviewed—what’s next?
Podcast Recap: The Importance of Onboarding
We sit down with HR expert Caitlin Wilterdink to discuss how to onboard properly.
Overview: Offers, Negotiations, & Onboarding
I interviewed everybody, now what?
How Do You Decide Who To Hire?
You’re really going to choose someone now.
5 Hiring Process Red Flags To Watch Out For
Know them when you see them.
How To Extend An Offer To Your Chosen Candidate
Aka “The Fun Part.”
How To Negotiate An Offer With A New Hire
There are basic principles you can master here.
Do You Need An Employment Contract?
Technically no, but...
What’s In An Employment Contract?
The key components of employee contracts, and why they help your business.
What Do Job Titles Really Mean, And How Do You Pick The Right One?
So what do you actually call them?
How To Compensate People
Aligning incentives with different compensation methods.
What Are Trial Employment Periods?
They’re becoming more common, and you should consider them.
What Is Onboarding?
It’s an irreplaceable part of the hiring process, but what is it really ?
Pre-Onboarding Communications With New Hires
What to do before day one.
How To Onboard New Hires
What does this vital part of the process actually entail?
What Are Non-Competes?
When your own employees could potentially compete with you.
Guide: The Interview Process
Prepwork, organization, and hopefully some really good cover letters.
Podcast Recap: The Interview Process with Mary Orton
We cover all things interview with Mary Orton, co-founder of Trove and editor of Memorandum.com.
Two Things You Must Remember When Hiring
The Cliff’s Notes of this whole “hiring” thing.
Getting Started: How To Approach The Interview Process
Stay organized and pay attention to the details.
How To Organize Your Interview Process
Stick to the plan.
Why You Should Ask For a Cover Letter
Why do they want to work for you? A cover letter should make that clear.
How Do You Decide Who To Interview?
Your first pass at narrowing the field.
How To Read A Resume
Know what to look for when you’re looking through the pile.
Bad Hiring Practices To Avoid
Ghosting is never cool.
How Will Joining Your Team Benefit Your New Hire
There’s more to what you’re offering than the basics.
How To Interview Your Job Candidates
Spoiler: Prepare, prepare, prepare
What Can A Candidate’s Behavior Tell You?
A lot, actually.
Questions You Can’t Ask In An Interview
All the need-to-knows before you begin interviewing.
How To Talk To References
And why you should take these calls seriously.
How To Hire Someone Who’s An Expert On Something You’re Not
Developers, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.
Should Job Candidates Sign An NDA?
Protecting information during the interview process.
Guide: Hiring A Team—Where Do You Start?
Thinking of building a team? This is your roadmap.
Podcast Recap: When to Hire, Who to Hire, with Camille Styles
Getting all the hiring tips from Camille Styles.
Overview: Hiring & Building Your Team
Answering your questions on when “busy” becomes “too busy.”
How Do You Know You Need To Hire Someone?
A few key signs and a few key questions to ask yourself.
What Will Your New Hire Actually DO?
Define the day-to-day, it matters.
Setting Expectations For New Roles
How communicating clear expectations can be your secret to hiring success.
What's The Best Fit? Contractor vs. Full Time vs. Intern
Which option is the best fit for your business?
Can You Afford To Hire Someone?
Questions you need to ask yourself as you evaluate the cost of a hire.
The Time Investment Involved In New Hires
You’re not just investing money in a new hire, you’re investing time.
How To Write A Job Description
10 steps to create a job description that attracts talented candidates.
Where Should You Post Your Job Description?
Where do you even find people?
Two Musts When You Hire A Contractor
(They’re not optional.)
Before You Interview: Don’t Forget To Consult Other Influencers
Learn from your peers!
Employee vs. Contractor: What's The Difference?
It’s a control thing.
Paid vs. Unpaid Interns
Key differences you need to know before you hire.
Guide: Copyrights & Brand Protection
What’s on Trove this week? We’ll dive into protecting your assets and your brand.
Podcast Recap: Copyright Law
We're covering copyright law, and the details might surprise you.
Images Are Your Most Valuable Asset (And They're The Easiest Thing To Steal)
The internet gives your photos reach—but that isn’t always a good thing?
Who Owns The Copyright To Your Images?
The image ownership basics.
What Can You Do When Your Images Are Used Improperly?
Your options in the event of copyright infringement.
Why Should You Register Your Images?
More specifically, why should you register them right now?
What Is A Trademark & Do You Need One As An Influencer?
Your Images = Copyrights. Your Brand = Trademark.
CMI: Another Way To Protect Your Images
And you’ve probably seen it before.
Cease & Desist vs. Takedown vs. Demand Letter
Options available to you.
10 Things We Learned From Copyright Lawyers
A little something from the experts.
What Is The Right of Publicity?
Did you know you have one?
What is Fair Use?
Copyright's little gray area.
What is a Model Release?
And when do you need one?
What Does “Work For Hire” Mean?
Do you work with photographers? Read this.
What Is The DMCA?
Dealing with websites that post user-generated content.
What Are Statutory Damages?
Guide: Incorporating As An Influencer
What’s on Trove this week? Your guide to our content on incorporating your business.
Podcast Recap: Why You Should Incorporate With a Veteran CPA
We discuss the benefits of incorporating your influencer business with Diana Lopez, a veteran CPA with 20 years experience.
5 Reasons To Incorporate Your Influencer Business
Incorporating protects an influencer’s business & personal assets.
Organizing An LLC: Where Do I Start?
3 steps that make things a lot less daunting.
The Costs To Consider When Incorporating as an Influencer
Amounts vary state-to-state, but don’t let these fees sneak up on you.
Why You Need A Lawyer & A Tax Pro To Incorporate
Spoiler: Lots of reasons.
Why You Need An Operating Agreement
The time for tough conversations is now.
Checklist: Registering As An LLC
To-dos once you’ve chosen an LLC as the right entity for you.
LLC, S Corp, Sole Proprietorship: What Is The Right Entity For You As An Influencer?
Hint: Taxes have a lot to do with it.
Why Did You Decide To Register Your Business? Or Not?
Share your experiences with the Trove community.
The Complete List of Secretary of State Websites
The incorporation information you need, wherever you live.
What is a C Corp?
Know the basics about this entity.
What is an S Corp?
Technically it’s not an entity, but instead an election regarding your taxes.
What is an LLC?
The simplest business structure to protect your personal assets.
What is a Sole Proprietorship?
The simplest form of doing business.
What are Articles of Organization?
Note: They are different from an Operating Agreement.
What is an Operating Agreement?
We recommend you have one of these.
What is a Registered Agent?
Hint: You need one.
Guide: Protecting Your Personal and Business Data Online
Your reference guide for all the great resources we have on personal data security
Podcast Recap: How Influencers Can Protect Themselves Online
Online security expert Dr. Lorrie Cranor is our guest on the Trove podcast, Influencer Business.
7 Quick Ways Influencers Can Protect Themselves Online
Developing simple, secure habits that keep your information safe, sane, and moving forward.
Why We Started Trove Business
A note from our CEO to influencers
Securing Your Business & Personal Life
An influencer’s unique vulnerability—and why protecting your information is essential.
Going a Level Deeper To Keep Your Influencer Business Secure
Adding the next layer of security to your business.
Welcome To Trove
The influencer business bible.
Understanding Hackers & Thieves: Who They Are, What They Want & How They Get It
Who wants an influencer’s personal information, and what damage will they do with it?
The Best Protection Online Is Actually Offline
It’s not fancy, but it’s free.
Pro Checklist: Online Security & Protection Habits
To-dos that keep your business safe and form secure habits.
The Anatomy of a Strong Password
Good passwords are about two things: math and unpredictability.
How They Get To You: Where To Be Extra Alert Online
The most common schemes used by hackers & thieves to steal your information.
Opting Out: Clearing Your Information from The Internet
Some of the key sites that are collecting your personal details and how to block them.
What Personal Information Should Influencers Protect?
It’s not business, it’s personal. Unless you’re an influencer, then it’s both.
What Is Two Factor Authentication?
A password for your password.
What’s The Difference Between HTTP & HTTPS?
Hint: One is secure, the other isn’t.
What Is A VPN?
A privacy screen for all your online activity.
Credit Cards vs Debit Cards: Which One’s More Secure?
The differences make all the difference.
When Should You Share Your Social Security Number?
It’s all about context.
What is WPA2?
Keeping your online activity hidden from view since 2006.